Create new subdomain or port


This is my first time using easyengine. Please help me how to create another htdocs folder with port naming, so the website can be accessed with name ? I want to setup piwik on my host.


First of all, welcome to the rtCommunity Support area. Always good to see new people in this area.

Secondly, while it would be nice, I don’t believe the current Easy Engine version directly supports the installation of PIWIK, via its easy-to-use, built-in commands, though I do believe it can be done.

PIWIK’s FAQ section ( states:

Piwik is PHP MySQL software

…which is perfect, because Easy Engine can create a PHP/MySQL environment, for you.

You’ll also want to read:

  1. and,

The easiest way to explain how to make PIWIK available, would be to suggest that you install it as a separate website, with its own domain or subdomain. The last time I checked, PIWIK’s minimum requirements are met with the Easy Engine PHP+MySQL installation, so you should be able to proceed to installing the PHP+MySQL environment. To read about how to do this, please check out this article and pay special attention to the section on PHP+MySQL Website with the following command:

ee site create --mysql

…keeping in mind could also be or and so on.

Next, you’ll want to make sure all the PHP modules PIWIK suggests are installed by running:

sudo apt-get install php5-curl php5-gd php5-cli php5-geoip

Once all the PHP modules have been installed (or confirmed as installed) navigate to the htdocs directory of this newly created PHP+MySQL site to start your PIWIK installation. I believe this can be done by typing the following command:

wget && unzip

…though I’m not sure whether this needs to be run as sudo, or not. If so, simply modify the command to:

sudo wget && unzip

Once all this has been done, you should be able to continue through The 5-minute Piwik Installation (from the links provided above).

WARNING: The instructions I’ve provided above are NOT official instructions, provided by rtCamp. They are not a guarantee that PIWIK will, in fact work, and supporting a PIWIK installation is certainly not support priority for rtCamp.

That being said, I would strongly caution you about performing tasks on your NGINX Web Server manually. Easy Engine is far more than adequate in its ability to automate the initial set-up process(es) for you. There really isn’t much need to manually create another htdocs directory, when Easy Engine will create most directories for you.