Create albums in wordpress

Hello, it’s been a nightmare. How can I create albums? I can only upload them to gallery and they stay as whole bunch of images but I want them to be in folders/albums (on one page, not that it matters) that could be opened and the pictures would be there. You know, like a normal gallery…
Like, “my fishing trip”, “broke a leg”, “random pics”, that would include the photos meant for each album.
Previous topic included ‘media_type = album’ but where can I define which pictures go in which album?! Couldn’t find some other settings that are mentioned in Buddypress as well, is Wordpress forgotten…?
Using WordPress 3.9.1

How can I create albums?

By clicking “Options” besides Upload tab in media gallery, you can see “Add Album” button. Using that you can add new album.

Can you tell me what exactly you want to achieve?

Can’t find “Options” besides Upload tab in media gallery, nor “new Album” button. Do I need some special gallery plugin?

I want to achieve a normal gallery with albums similar like in attached picture - you press on album an inside there is more pictures - as simple as that.

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Hi Beate,

Please find attached screenshot.

There is nothing like special gallery plugin. rtMedia itself provide such feature.
Let me know if you still face the issue. You can also check our demo site for that ->

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Sorry, I just can’t find it! :frowning:
Attached my front-end gallery view, back end also does not show extra options.

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Hi Beate,
On which page you have this uploader? Which version of rtMedia you are using? Also check with other plugins disabled and with default theme activated.