Create album in regular page

Hi there,

We are trialing the free version before buying the Pro version. Is there a way to create albums and display them on a regular page? I know you can create albums in user profiles (Buddypress) but we would just like to be able to create galleries and display them on a normal page.


@davidm yes you can display the galleries on your posts or pages,use the shortcodes, here is the doc.

Thanks for that. How do I find an album ID? As the albums and images are uploaded via the front end there is nothing in the admin to reference, or maybe I’m missing something. My shortcode ended up looking like this but it doesn’t display the album.

[rtmedia_gallery global=“false” context=“post” context_id="" media_type=“album” album_id=“2” media_author=“admin”]

I used the ID ‘2’ as this was the url of the album in my profile: /media/2

Try this one

[rtmedia_gallery global="false" context="profile" context_id="1" media_type="photo/video/music/all" media_author="1" album_id="2"]

You mentioned you uploaded from buddypress profile so set the context to profile, the context_id is the id of buddypress component,in your case since you uploaded from your buddypress profile the context_id should be the same as your user id,if you uploaded from group then use the group id,if you uploaded form a post or page with the uploader shortcode

use the id of the post or page.
The media_author is your user id,if you are the admin your user id should be 1, for media_type use photo,video, music or all depending on the media type you want to display that belong to the album ,then set the album_id to 2,which is the number after the slug media (media\2) as you said…