Create a WebSocket server by using ee v4 "dockerized" environment to talk to WordPress website


Now that EasyEngine v4 uses Docker, I was wondering if would it be possibile to benefit from its “dockerized” environment to create a functional WebSocket server using Node.js

I’d really appreciate any insights (guides) from all you guys who might have gone through the task of spinning up such a service. Any tips on achieving a simple but effective ws/wss server in order to communicate with a WordPress website on the same server (VPS) is very much welcome.

I’ve came through an article with the steps to achieve such a server with an ordinary nginx setup:



EEv4’s setup is kind of weird and hard to proxy non EEv4 containers. The global nginx.conf is automatically overwritten when a site is created/deleted. You’ll have to create an html site, modify it’s nginx.conf and point it to the correct websocket port.


Hey @cim, thanks for pointing it out. Indeed it makes sense. I’ll research more about it.