Create a Featured Media Page by Admin Choose

I’m an Rtmedia pro user and I’ve enabled the option to set the “Featured Image”. The disappoitment comes when I understand that only the owner of the content can set his own media as featured.
What I wanted to create was a page called “Editor’s Picks” in witch the Admin only was selecting the best files uploaded by users giving the “featured” flag. Will be possible to have some of this option in the future or there’s already a way to do it?

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I would also like to do this … hope there is a way to showcase Member Images in this way.


Hi Alessandro and Allan,

Featured media feature is something like cover photo feature of user’s profile in facebook. So only media author can select his own feature media and not the site admin.

You can use “Like” feature instead.

There is a feature available in rtMedia-PRO to view media liked by a user. Checkout this URL in your site {site_url/members/admin/media/likes/} and it will show all the media liked by admin. To avail this feature you first need to enable it from rtMedia admin setting under Other Settings tab.

The Like may work in limited circumstances, but there may be many images i LIKE but they may not necessarily be the ones I want in this months Feature. A separate field to designate a Tag or Label which can be used to select the images would be much better.

Am a bit disappointed at the Publishing aspects of the images … need the ability to publish Albums / Gallery of selected images and control which images are to be included … there will be a need for more than just one, so LIKES does not really do the job.


Yes I agree that it will be great to have more control on the images to post in a page. I also feel a lack of it. Will be nice that admin has a special panel control where they can see that photos uploaded by user and there select their favourite (or “featured”) that going to be display on a special section of a page-

Hi Alessandro and Allan,

I will discuss this topic with my team and will come up with a solution.

Thanks Ritesh and Rt Media Team for the support. Any help will be very appreciated! :slight_smile:

There are few ways we can think of implementing this:

  1. Extending “Music Playlist” feature so a user can create “any kind of list”. Multiple lists will be possible. Then extend gallery shortcode to pull data from specified list.


  1. Use attributes. May be admin-only attributes so admin can add meta-data which is not visible to normal users.

Overall, this feature request makes sense and we will try to add this in next (May minth) release only.

I think both of the options would be great but I think the second could work better! An Admin only could set a sort of “Flag” to some images to set them as Favourites or Featured!

Ok we wait this feature with big enthusiasm! :slight_smile:

Hi Alessandro and canuckcrafts,
We had release rtMedia-PRO v2.4 with favorite media list feature. Please check this post ->