Cover photo doesn't scale properly at high resolution

The cover photo dimensions as determined by the documentation (803x315) do not scale properly at higher resolutions. Since 1920x1080 is a common resolution, it would be nice to have it scale properly when using that resolution. I know that this is controlled by the max height of 315px by the stylesheet and increasing that max-height will throw the rest of the theme off.

Any monitor resolution above 1366x768 appears to scale improperly.

Is there anything that can be done about this to allow proper scaling at high resolution?


I made a temporary fix by limiting the container to 803px wide and centering it. Using the following CSS:

.buddypress #buddypress { position: relative; margin-left:auto; margin-right:auto; max-width: 803px;}

The BuddyPress portion of the theme will no longer be full width and will be more similar to how Facebook handles thier cover photos. However, the WP portions/etc will remain full width as they are unaffected by cover photo issue.

I would still prefer a full-width solution though if possible.

We are looking into it.