Could we get a update on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS?

Looks abit like the EasyEngine crew dug them self down in the earth lately, we cant get a answer about Ubuntu 16.04 the latest LTS release of Ubuntun, neither hear or on github, please give us some answers.



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As someone who has known about EasyEngine for a while but only this weekend decided to try it out on a test server, let me say I’m impressed. Usually I spend a significant amount of time setting up servers to my liking - up until now I’ve favoured nginx and Apache in a reverse proxy setup but recently decided I want to go full nginx - which is why I decided to give EasyEngine a go.

I tested it by creating an nginx FastCGI caching PHP 7 WordPress site (side note: why is W3TC installed when using this config, it seems unnecessary?) and copying one of the more complex WooCommerce sites I host to it. The difference in performance is astounding. So now I’m keen to move all the sites I maintain and host to a new server using EasyEngine asap.

Which is a long-winded way of asking when will 16.04 LTS support be available? I’m loath to start with a 14.04 LTS install now that 16.04 LTS has been released.

In short: +1.


Easyengine is an amazing software and with Ubuntu and Debian servers making Wordpress sites work like charm No more delays and new install wasting time I cant wait for next release upon Ubuntu 16.04

Looks like there was an update to easyengine today, does it address the 16.04 compatibility issue?

I have to say I am a little worried about becoming reliant on EasyEngine if the devs go silent on big things like this.

Looks like 16.04 support is coming in EE V3.6.0 :slight_smile:

Thanks EE team :slight_smile:


Any idea when this will be exactly?


I have been using EasyEngine for a while now and love it. It’s very fast and easy to create new WordPress sites. Waiting for the Ubuntu 16.04 support to be added.

Does anyone knows when will be the next 3.6.0 release?

Hi Everyone,

We are ready with EasyEngine v3.6.0. We avoid releasing a major version on Fridays as we do not provide support on weekends unless of critical nature.

Hence we will be releasing the new version on Monday.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

  • Salil (on behalf of EasyEngine core team)

Awesome news. Thanks Salil!

Thanks Salil. This is an amazing news. Can’t wait until Monday. Just rented a new SSD server with 8GB of RAM running Ubuntu 16.04. Would love to install the new EE v3.6.0 with this server.

Man! I should have seen this note earlier today. I learned about EasyEngine today morning and now by evening, I already set up my two sites. Unfortunately, with Ubuntu 14 now :neutral_face:. Had I known, EE3.6 is coming on Monday, I would have waited. I can spin up a new VPS provided migration from current Ubuntu 14 VPS with EE to new Ubuntu 16 is also easy. Anyways, looking forward for the updated version :slight_smile:

And yes, Big Thank you from a 8-hours old user :slight_smile:

@joshg253 @webdev Thank you for your interest and support. It is this overloaded support, confidence and love of people like you in the community that makes the EasyEngine team always trying to get and give the best, which tends to a take a little longer than usual :wink:


@benzons Sorry for the delay in reply, the team was rather unexpectedly over busy in the update’s dev and test phase. It will be released today.


Thank you! I have also been waiting for the 3.6.0 release!

Apparently it’s LIVE…

Weirdly it seems like support for nginx Mainline is dropped (??)

@ben74 Yes, since all the addons have been merged as default in nginx v1.10. Therefore the mainline version is now being superseded by v3.6.0.

Hi, just curious what service provider are you using am on the hunt for such a VPS