Could not connect to


Doing some updates today i got this msj, EE has change the repo? InRelease Could not connect to (, connection timed out


You’re not alone, I’ve tried all day and still nothing. I get 404 if I visit the link itself :stuck_out_tongue:



Precisely, no rtCamp or such…



you can try this mirror. its working good:


Thanks. I am created fixed repo. Temporary command: > wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee


Hi Marcus, thanks for the link.

However, how can I change the link and use the in the ee command ? ee site create --wpfc

When I test this command, I have the “Oops Something went wrong!!” when I arrive at the “Updating apt-cahe” step. Is there a way to create a site using your mirror link? In multiple steps?

Thanks a lot !


It worked for me: edited /etc/apt/sources.lis.d/ee-repo.list and replaced the repository URL with the equivalent for the mirror above.

My ee-repo.list file became:

deb trusty main
# deb /
deb /

Your mileage may vary, of course.


Hi, same problem again ?


Hey, @zorca, is your repo getting regular updates? Is it still a valid solution for this recurring issue?



According to OpenSuse announcement, the issues will probably be solved by Oct 15th.