Will inspirebook comes under copyright violation? Currently we opened the theme only for beta testers. Before going live need to check on this aspect.


I have checked link you have posted and first comment from Carl Hancock - explains difference between our theme and the other theme where author got sued.

This theme is around from many months and has decent user base.

We believe we are not violating copyright because:

  1. We are not using facebook name/logo in our product name or domain name/
  2. Our design is not clone of facebook. We use facebook more than other networks hence design is influenced by facebook but we were very careful not to use any assets e.g. icons, color-shades from facebook.
  3. Some features like changing cover photo/profile photo is common to all social networks and I believe can not be copyrighted.

In any case, if Facebook has any problem, I hope they will contact us, not users.

Please let me know if this answers your concerns.

Thanks Rahul for your clarification. It sounds pleasing. but i feel even more uniqueness in the current theme will definitely inspire the users a lot!

Inspirebook definitely one of the Best product from rtcamp!