Cool Stuuf how to make?


I am new to Rt panel and i must tell you that i just loved it.

However i want to ask a few questions about the framework.

  1. I have used thesis on my blog and it says that it enhances my SEO.....+ it is really fast !!

    I want to ask whether this theme can be made faster by any means ? (Info - I use MaxCdn)

2.How to get that cool footer thats there in your site??

3.I want to add another nav menu in my site that looks exactly like the primary one..

Please help me as i am new to this theme-- my blog URL is


Hi Ashish,

Glad you liked the theme framework. Although it provides a lot of cool features out of the box, we’ve kept it to as minimal as possible. This is so that enthusiasts, developers and designers can easily extend and customise the framework, using a child theme.

The process of creating a child theme is slightly technical but extremely easy, if you have some html/css knowledge. It’s documented on wordpress codex:
Some additional documentation specific to rtPanel is here:

Finally, although on the theme level, we’ve optimised our code to the utmost extenet (and improve upon it regularly), optimisation proper can only be acheived via a cache plugin like w3 total cache

If you are looking to really scale your site and you have rather heavy traffic coming your way, yoiu might be interested in the nginx server instead of Apache. That should put your site on steroids! Other than that, a child theme and a cache plugin should help you out!


And lest you feel, I missed the navigation point, that is again a codable component described here:


But what about " 3.I want to add another nav menu in my site that looks exactly like the primary one…" ?? any html hookup before the logo ??


Here’s the hook


R there any shortcodes
like if i want to highlight something then it will come in a cool fashion !!
U can also suggest a plugin for that

  • how many times du u update the theme in an year ??


To keep the framework, light, fast and extensible, we haven’t put much decorative stuff.A quick search on will land you such a plugin. Being developers and designers, we’ve seldom found any need for such a plugin. However, I’ll forward this suggestion to the core team which shall definitely give it weighed consideration for an addon or plugin.

And we don’t have a fixed schedule for updating it. We continuously work on upgrading and improving it, since we use it for all our sites. As soon as , we have a stable version, we release it, which is quite frequent.

Thank you for your kind feedback!


Please see my blog
In the greed of more comments i removed disqus and put comment luv and now the icons seem to have vanished in the comments
please help
nd suggest something that will automatically get pics of the user from the email address provided !!



That’s something you’d need to take up with comment luv devs. We follow the standards prescribed by wordpress. And as far as user pics are concerned, wordpress uses gravtars by default. Gravtars work on email IDs, just as you want.

It’s just that not many in India use gravtars, so you might look at something that deals with facebook.



The RT Social plugin is not working !! :( Fb stuff not showing up !!


I have updated it after that only it is stopped



We had noticed this. It had happened because facebook changed the values that it used to give us on the graph url we were using. We changed the method in the update. Glad you updated and fixed your problem.