Convert EasyEngine to work with Centos

Hello All, this is my first post so sorry if this is a repeat (I did have a quick check before posting).

Is anyone converting the scripts to work with Contos by any chance? Will there be much development to create a version for Centos?

Many thanks, Si

AFAIK there are no plans to port EE to CentOS.

I have used in the past a solution named CentMinMod. It is not EE, and it is not better than EE, but it is a Nginx + MariaDB stack.

@vitalized – Here’s a link to Centminmod. I’ve also used it before and it’s very customizable and seems to be more frequently updated than EE is at the moment (as I believe they’re working on v4 of EE). However, it’s a lot more convoluted in a lot of ways.

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