Contributing to Easy Engine


I’m busy digging into the nuts and bolts of EE for the purpose of migrating to EE to manage our hosting infrastructure. We currently use: - which has a few interesting optimisations worth incorporating into EE.

I’ve found the following to be helpful for developers wanting to contribute.

[the forum limits me to two links. I’ll add the rest in comments]

Are there any diagrams that map out the architecture of EE?

Here’s the areas I’m interested in contributing towards

  • documentation
  • Wordpress custom install like Bedrock. I see some info in the handbook on custom site types.
  • multi-tenancy where multiple sites benefit form php opcode cache of WP core and plugins
  • enhancing backup and restore

Please give me any feedback and ideas that come up. Thanks so much for Easy Engine :slight_smile:


Some links I wanted to post above but wasn’t able to because I’m a new user.

Developer resources


The first item I’d like to take on is multi-tenancy. I’m new to Docker and EE so getting multi-tenancy to work would be a great learning opportunity. Unless anyone suggests or advises otherwise, my plan of action is to get multi-tenancy (shared wp codebase) working with Docker.

For some use cases a single wordpress core op-cached and served by a global php-fpm container will be required.

Answering my own question above, here’s some useful diagrams: