Context within buddypress profile page


I’m using the Achievements plugin with buddypress and I want to add rtmedia in that specific tab within the profile pages.

Right now I’m using:

<?php rtmedia_uploader(array('context'=> "achievements", 'context_id'=> $user_id)); ?> <?php rtmedia_gallery(array('context'=> "achievements", 'context_id'=> $user_id)); ?>

This however doesn’t work. Once a user upload pictures it becomes visible in all the profiles.
What should I change in the code?

Thank you,

Hi Laurent,

It seems to be some issue. Context is getting set to profile. We will look into it and will be updated in future release.

Thank you!

Hi Laurent,

I tested again with this code

<?php $user_id = bp_displayed_user_id(); ?>  
 <?php rtmedia_uploader(array('context'=> "achievements", 'context_id'=> $user_id)); ?>  
 <?php rtmedia_gallery(array('context'=> "achievements", 'context_id'=> $user_id)); ?>

and the context getting set is achievements. It is working fine.
In previous testing I haven’t set $user_id that’s why it is making issue.

It’s working.
Thanks a lot!!!

I am glad to know that your issue is fixed :slight_smile: