Content page archive page categories not working

I used to be able to display a page based on categories, but it no longer loads. If I clicked on a category associated with a post it would take me to a page with all the other posts with that category. It stopped working. Can you help?

Hello @bstevens,

We cross-checked at our end but couldn’t regenerate the issue.

Could you please confirm if you are facing this issue when other plugins have been disabled and any default theme of WordPress is enabled into your website?

This way you can avoid conflicts if there are any.


yes, all plugins were disabled to test.

what is the file and code that controls that functionality to display posts by category?

Is there something I can reinstall to make it work or reproduce the page?


Let me first understand, you are talking about WordPress posts categories something like this OR you are looking for rtMedia custom attributes which user set during uploads?

Like the demo, Wordpress post categories.

Hi @bstevens,

rtMedia Plugin do not make any changes in WordPress categories archive pages. That archive page handle by theme.

You can try by disabling rtMedia plugin as well and check if category archives page works.