Contact form 7 and clearing cache

I was checking if there was a problem with my contact form. I was reading the below in the documentation for Contact Form 7, a really popular contact form for wordpress. Does the nginx helper plugin take care of clearing the cache so this wouldn’t be an issue? Thanks.

Also, Contact Form 7 3.1 has introduced nonce verification for contact forms. If the verification fails, Contact Form 7 treats the form submission as spam. This can occasionally cause false-positives when using cache plugins. When an old cache file remains for longer than 24 hours, nonce verification will fail, and you’ll see an error with an orange border.

To solve this problem, make sure you have the appropriate garbage collection (clean-up) settings in the cache plugin. The cache should be emptied frequently (less than 24 hours). The configuration varies in different cache plugins. Consult your cache plugin’s support for details.

Nginx helper clears nginx-fastcgi cache (--wpfc) or redis-full-page cache (--wpredis) based on its setting.

If you are having problem with caching i.e. unwanted pages are cached or contact form plugin is breaking, you need to stop caching or fix plugin.

EasyEngine cache works with gravityforms and ninjaforms. On sidenote, you can consider -

Thanks, I’m going to try that out.