CONFUSED! Blogger sub-domain to Wordpress custom subdomain/custom subdirectory


I have a current blogger blog. I recently got a custom domain. I’m trying to redirect to without losing google rank. I added the CNAME details ( and the other security code one) given by blogger for blogger under the cpanel for and Blogger accepted the changes fine. now redirects fine to, but the blogspot blog contents are not showing up at all - instead I’m seeing an error page (default cpanel page). Do I need to create a subdirectory under my new customdomain for this to work?

Also, eventually I want to install wordpress to Can I use the same subdomain name ( for the wordpress installation, or do I need to use a different subdomain name ( If I can use the same subdomain name ( for the new Wordpress blog too, how do I set up redirection for ( to where I plan to install wordpress.

This whole thing is so confusing… PLS HELP!!

Thanks so much!!

  1. Make sure you are using the correct subdomain in your blogger account. Also cross check if that subdomain is added in settings. Then only the will work for blogger blog.
  2. Yes, you can use the same for WordPress blog. Once you done with the content migration, you can change the CNAME record and point it to hosting IP address.
  1. Thanks so much for your quick reply!!! I just realized Blogger takes its own sweet time before the blogger redirection starts working fine with all content showing… This seems all set now… I hope my SEO won’t suffer much due to this switch from to I’ll further follow your DIY guide to maintain permalinks, etc. while migrating my content to my custom domain.

  2. Thanks for the CNAME hint. The only problem I now have seems to be that my hosting provider doesn’t allow me to create a since I already have a CNAME for subdomain1 pointing to My cpanel also doesn’t allow me to create a CNAME for subdomain1 while there’s an active subdomain named I think I might have to (a) create a subdirectory named, (b) install wp there, © migrate content over from blogger to the subdirectory, (d) delete the sudomain1 CNAME pointing to, (e) create a subdomain named subdomain1 under my cpanel, and point the newly created to the subdirectory named under the ‘subdomains’ section of the cpanel.

Hope this approach will work without affecting my SEO too much.

Thanks so much for all the help!!

Yes, above mentioned points (a,b,c,d,e) are correct.

Great. Thanks!! You’re the best!!