Conflicts After Update

After the latest update to rtmedia there is a conflict with something on my home page.

After the update only on my home page with rtmedia activated my sidebar disappears. It shows on other pages. If I deactivate rtmedia, my sidebar shows.

Would the conflict be in the java code someplace?


It conflicts with the Buddypress activity stream module in Visual Composer.

Hello @Jeramiah_Pearce,

Happy to hear that you found the conflicting cause !

Thank you,

Yes happy, except it conflicts with any buddypress activity stream plugin I find as well.
Not happy because I want to include the activity stream on my home page or any other page for that matter and I am unable to. I have to choose between your plugin or something else.

You don’t have to choose between the two. Visual Composer should update itself so it doesnt break other plugins is all. :slight_smile:

Only if it was just a visual composer issue. I had downloaded a different activity feed and experienced the same thing outside of visual composer. So I do have to choose between having your plugin activated or the activity feed plugin activated. So maybe its not visual composer that needs to update itself so it doesn’t break other plugins. :slight_smile: