Conflict with WP Job Manager Plugin


I’m using the plugin WP Job Manager. After switching to InspireBook, the Jobs list disappeared

I can see the list in any other theme.

Hello A,

I checked same plugin with InspireBook and its showing job list properly. Please see the attached screenshot.

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I did install the theme and the plugin again in a fresh installation of wordpress+InspireBook but I faced the same issue!

it seems you are using another plugin or another version because (Up Job Manager) doesn't show (Edit) under the header as it shows in your screenshot !

I checked the WP Job Manager plugin with the latest version.

Also, I took a screenshot while logged in, that's why its showing edit link. Plugin is working properly with/without login.

Try deactivate other plugins and then check this one.

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Do you check by deactivate other all plugins?
This plugin is working fine on our end as already have checked and sent you the screenshot.

You can send your login details on

Thanks Manish,

The theme and the plugin working perfectly now after uploading the file which you sent.

I attached the file just in case somebody faces the same issue

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Glad to know it resolve your issue.

If you have any doubt or query, feel free to contact us.