Conflict with Marketers Delight 2 Skin

rtSocial plugin 2.1.12 WordPress 3.5 Thesis 1.8.5 ( Thesis skin: Marketers Delight 2.2.6 ( (WP-Print 2.50 plugin)

I use manual positioning for rtSocial (and WP-Print) so I have in custom_functions.php: function custom_after_post () { if ( function_exists( 'rtsocial' ) ) {echo rtsocial(); } if(function_exists('wp_print')) { print_link(); } } add_action ('thesis_hook_after_post', 'custom_after_post');

On a plain Thesis installation without the Marketers Delight 2 skin, rtSocial works wonderfully. See

But with the Marketers Delight 2 skin, the main menu disappears. See

Do you know what's causing this conflict? And how can I fix it?

I just checked and even if I don't have that php in my custom_functions.php and only have the rtSocial plugin activated, then the main menu still doesn't appear.

Sean Davis solved the issue for me. I added to custom.css:

#menu_area.clear {  
    height: auto;  
    visibility: visible;  

Sean said:

> The problem is a CSS selector conflict. Long story short, the rtSocial plugin uses a class called "clear" and so does MD. Two of the properties in rtSocial's .clear CSS rule were overriding two of MD's .clear properties. So I just made a CSS selector to target MD's HTML element that was using the .clear class stronger so it would override the CSS from rtSocial.


Thanks for update and workaround.

This is mistake from our end as we always try to prefix all CSS class & ID's with our prefix "rt". So this should have been .rt_clear

We will update rtSocial codes soon.

Just an update: This has been added to our list -