Conflict with JSON API plugin


I’m developing a project with WP 3.9.1 and the latest versions of rtMedia Pro, BuddyPress and JSON API plugin

When I click the “Load More” in gallery shortcode it gives the same set of images as rest of the image gallery.

This issue is caused after activating the JSON API plugin. But according to my clients requirements I should use both rtMedia Pro and JSON API plugins. I’m grateful for you, if you can give a support to overcome this problem.

I created a sample site to show this issue. Here this is the link

Username and Password both : admin

I added a gallery shortcode to page.

Note: I’m expecting to use rtMedia JSON api too. But I should use the JSON API plugin to implement more custom functions.


Hi @dehigaspitiya,

JSON API plugin ( ) that you are taking about has not be updated since long. I would suggest you to contact plugin developer and ask him to fix. Our code works properly with other plugins. In case if there is any bug found in our code, we would be happy to fix it.