Conflict with BP-Bookmarklet from Imath



From what I can see if both Buddypress Media & BP-Bookmarklet ( are active then all updates coming from the bookmarlet end up empty ("xxxx posted an update 8 seconds ago" and no content at all). If I turn off Buddypress Media all works fine again... :-(

Seems like your plugin is filtering the content... Any idea what we could do to sort this?

Thanks a lot for your help,

Cheers, --Olivier



Yes, BuddyPress Media does filter the activity in a way that makes it incompatible with some plugins. In rtMedia, we are using better ways.

Having said that, the activity update box and its js are pretty rigid and inextensible. That is why plugins have to more or less override the default methods. Two plugins trying to override the same thing are not likely to work well with each other. We'll definitely keep a lookout for the bookmarklet plugin, as well while refactoring activity uploader.



Hey, Thanks a lot for your reply! Hope rtMedia will solve this issue ;-) Any idea when we have a chance to get the new release of rtMedia? Cheers, --Olivier


We have fixed the date to 25th of this month. However, the progress is fine and we might be able to release before that.


This and many issues are addressed in new rtMedia -

Please upgrade to new rtMedia. If you face any new issues, please open new support request.

We are marking this as closed for now.


Just for info, it still doesn't work...

And to be honest I'd rather like to see a proper link sharing from you guys, in the rtMedia Pro for example?

Thx! --Olivier



Thanks for your feedback.

We in fact had a discussion last night regarding proper link sharing option in rtMedia-PRO.

But we failed to convince ourself if link-sharing should be part of rtMedia-PRO or a separate non-rtMedia plugin which works nicely with rtMedia and other plugins out there.

Reason for reluctance is - link-sharing doesn't require any of rtMedia's feature. Preview image is hosted remotely. Preview-box HTML will be part of buddypress-activity content.

If there is any really good use case for such feature to be part of rtMedia-PRO, please let us know. Anything for rtMedia-PRO can be delivered very soon.

Non-rtMedia plugins/solutions might take longer.