Conflict with activity privacy plugin

Hi there, I am having a problem with BP Media and Activity Privacy plugin, as both try to capture the upload event, all the uploads go as "public". Do you have any compatibility suggestion?


Yes but I would need to upload pictures to activity

yes, the same for me - i need the activity !

And without the pluging have the same problem - when a user set the privacy for a album to only friend or privat - the picture still show in the activity - when a user delete the activity - the album delete too :(

Any solutions on this??



Activity updating is something where it's very difficult for two plugins to co-exist. You might have noticed that we've introduced activity privacy in rtMedia, as well. Also, for technical reasons, the privacy filter of rtMedia is superior to the plugin that you've mentioned.

What rtMedia lacks is privacy for groups that we'd be adding soon. So, in the end, you'd have to make a choice between rtMedia and other activity plugins. There's no way around that, sorry!


Here’s what I’m doing:

I still need to sort out changing the privacy level of the media when the privacy of the activity changes, but should be similar to the above.