Conflict with a "Wall" Plugin

The Inspirebook theme has a little conflict with the Buddyboss Wall plugin. when a user posts an update, the post time does not apper. Instead of “XX posted an update: 4 hours, 6 minutes ago”, i get “XX posted an update:” The plugin works 100% on other themes

Hello Bhekzinto,

Sorry for the delay reply. Buddyboss Wall is paid plugin so I could not able to test it on our site. Could you please share your site URL and WP login details so I can debug the issue. (Give me private reply here)

It would be great if you share the screenshot with the issue you are facing.


Hello Bhekzinto,

We have fixed your mentioned issue, and you can update InspireBook.

Let us know if you found any other issue in InspireBook with Buddyboss Wall plugin.



WP tells me all my themes are up to date. Can I perhaps download the up to date theme?

Hello bhekzinto,

Please check the version of InspireBook you are using. Latest updated version is 1.2.12

You need add license key in theme setting options to get notification for theme updates.

You can find the license key in my-account section here

For more details about license key please read here

Let us know if you have any other doubts or questions.


Thanks a lot. I activated and updated the theme. I can see the buddyboss wall issue has been resolved. Thanks a mil

You are welcome :slight_smile: