Configure W3TC after a migration


Hi all, So I've been migrating a few sites using backupbuddy and I'd like to use W3 Total cache. I'm creating the blank wp site using EE and the W3TC switch but then overriding the database etc with the one from backupbuddy so I still have the original config files that are generated by EE. So now I'd just like to know how to configure W3 from this point?

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I guess this is being discussed here -

So closing this thread.


That thread has no mention of w3tc and this question is specific to W3TC. I can ask it in that thread if you like but W3TC hasn't been mentioned there.


Your line...

I love the way EE builds a clean site configuring W3TC,

made me think that you already resolved your W3TC issue yourself.

Sorry for confusion.

You can deactivate/delete w3 total cache on old site and them import it on easyengine configured w3tc site.

I am sorry but I can help this much only as we never use plugins to move sites. rsync + mysqldump is much better.

When server doesn't have SSH access we dump SQL (generally via PHPMyAdmin) and move files using ncftp.

We will be incorporating our migration method in EasyEngine in future release


Sorry this is a different issue than my original. These sites don't start with W3TC installed though I'd like to try adding it once I have them on my EE install and was just wondering if there's anything out of the ordinary to configure W3TC on EE that's different from say a shared server.

A better way for me to have asked it would have been. If I start with a regular EE wordpress install, how do I add W3TC into the mix?

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EasyEngine has template for every config.

For W3TC -

For normal site -

So basically you need to replace these lines -

With these lines -

You can use ee site edit command to open nginx-config for in editor.

We have plans to give option to switch between cache-type in future.


You guys are amazing. Thanks so much!


Looks like above worked for you. Glad to know that! :-)


i request to add this config :)

nginx + fastcgi_cache + php+fpm with zend opcache + memcached + w3totalcache