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Hi everyone. I’m a new user of EE, v4. Didn’t use v3, so it’s all new for me. I use to configure my hosting on DigitalOcean, on a LAMP stack, with Wordpress. I have a couple of question, I can’t find the answers in the documentation, so i’ll try here ! Point me to the docu if the answer is available there.

Anyway, I’ve follow the install procedure on to have a step by step installation, it seems up-to-date. I was able to have a working WP installation.

The command --cache enable which cache ? Found it:
: Use redis cache for WordPress.

I think instead of --cache we can choose the cache system by replacing it by--wpsc or --w3tc or --wpfc or --wpredis ?

For a novice, would --wpfc be a good choice ?

In certain step-by-step installation, they says “were gonna configure W3 Total Cache” and then in the command line I see --wpfc. Is it me or this enable WP Fastest Cache and not W3 Total Cache.

What’s the difference between the plugins of WP Fastest Cache, or W3 Total Cache that we can install in Wordpress and the ones installed by the command in EE ?

If i install --wpfc, should I or can I install also the plugin in Wordpress ?

Thanks !

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