Configuration of pagespeed

I added hhvm and pagespeed support to my site via ‘ee site update --hhvm --pagespeed’ What needs to be added to the nginx config file (ee site edit to get results with pagespeed?

I’ve added; pagespeed on; pagespeed RewriteLevel CoreFilters;

But when looking with gtmetrix I see no difference. ‘ee site info’ show that both hhvm and pagespeed are enabled.

What are the recommendations for the nginx config file? Anything else that needs to be changed?

Thanks, David

I actually need to use ‘ee site edit --pagespeed’ I edited the pagespeed.conf file (added ‘pagespeed RewriteLevel CoreFilters;’), but still see no differences with gtmetrix

But is that enough? No need for ‘pagespeed on;’ ? Anything else? How can I check pagespeed is working?

Thanks, David

I think the pagespeed.conf file is not used/processed.

Can that be?

I added some crap in that file and still happily get ‘Reload : nginx [OK]’. I would have expected an error.

You can check Pagespeed is working or not using by open HTML at browser and serach for string pagespeed


I can’t find ‘pagespeed’ in the HTML. ‘ee site info’ says that pagespeed is enabled.

What can be wrong? I think pagespeed.conf is not used.

Thanks, David

I’ve found the issue. See

Thanks, David.

Hi @ddelaey

It’s been a long time, and we haven’t heard from you. It looks like your issue is resolved.

I am closing this support topic for now. Feel free to create a new support topic if you have any queries further. :slight_smile: