Compiling nginx

This is not really related to you guys but I am having problems compiling nginx according to the suggested method on Debian so I was wondering if you have any idea of what I am doing wrong?

The whole thread can be found here:

Short version: following this tutorial:

I do:

dpkg-buildpackage -b  

and get:


make: *** [config.status.full] Error 1 dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 2

I know there are other ways to build it but I'd like to stick to the recommended way for Debian.

Any help is appreciated. No answer in the nginx forums either:,241972

If you are trying to compile nginx with pagespeed then try instructions given in

They worked for me but I couldn't get pagespeed rules working on WordPress properly. That is why for now we have decided not to spend any more time with pagespeed.

Thanks, I now those instructions, they work just fine, I was just trying to use the "recommended" Debian way and got stuck...