Compatibility issue

Hi The plugin works great, but I’ve compatibility issues with two plugins:

  1. buddypress global search ( the rtmedia activity posts are not included in the buddypress activity page results

  2. WordPress Hashtags ( the plugin create linkable words whan an hashtag is put before them in the buddypress activity page posts: this doesn’t work for rtmedia activity posts (no linkable word is created).

Do you think there is a way to solve these issues?? Thanks! Ositive


  1. buddypress global search: opened an issue to gbs team that have included it in the to do list:
  2. buddypress hashtag: The problem is not present (the linkable words are correctly created) if at least a character is present after said words : as workaround is it possible to insert by default a space after each rt media post (wording part)? Thanks!

Hello @Ositive,

There is not any direct way to do so. However, you can add space after each post using some custom code.

Here, is an example that you can try -


Hello @pranalipatel with your script I solved the problem. thanks for the usual great support!

You are welcome, @Ositive.

We are glad to know that your issue has been fixed.

I am closing this topic now.