Comments won't update in fullscreen

my problem is, that the comments that are made in fullscreen view (see picture below) is only actalized, after closing and reopening the window. guess that's a bug but i didnt find a solution for that.

any hints?

ah, is the picture

sry, finally i am not able to post a picture here... but i guess you guys know what i mean... any solutions?


In BuddyPress Media, our commenting worked in a roundabout way. This means that every media had an activity connected to it. We would actually use the commenting UI and code of the activity component. However, that led us to create a lot of hacks to take care of the default commenting js used by BuddyPress.

Unfortunately, this doesn't work on the lightbox. In rtMedia we have removed this dependency as media will now use WordPress comments and sync them with the associated activity comments. This issue will be fixed in the next few releases.


perfect news, thank you saurabh! :)