Comments on albums, and add 'User created an album' in Activity feed

Is it possible to turn on comments on albums? It seems that albums are custom post type, so it maybe it might be possible quite easily?

Also, can I add status update to Activity feed on new album creation?


There is a action available after album created -> rtmedia_after_add_album. You can use this in your theme and can manually add a BuddyPress activity when new album is created.

I actually have the opposite request. In the current version of Buddypress, comments on media appear under the carousel in the activity feed. I’d like them to not appear there.

Hello @KarmaTiger,

You can disable below option from BuddyPress tab under rtMedia admin settings to avoid activity generation on media comment.

  • Create activity for media comments

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thanks for the response :slight_smile:

You are welcome @KarmaTiger,

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