Comments on activity posts with media not working properly


When commenting on an activity post that had media uploaded via rtMedia the comments do not nest.

They appear to nest because of the ajax, but once you have created a few nested comments and refresh the page, they all become 1st level comments.

I have tested to see if the same error occurs with default BuddyPress functions and the comment nesting works fine.

The activity I commented on is here

Try and reply to any of the three first level comments then refresh the page.

Thank You

Did I post in the wrong forum? Is there a better place to post for bug reports and issues?

Hi @ShawnG

Yes, we are aware of this issue but we haven’t added nested comment support in rtMedia yet and we are syncing BuddyPress activity comments (who has rtMedia attachment) to rtMedia comments. We do have future plans to make comments nested in rtMedia and when it’s available this issue will be solved.


Awesome, thank you, that’s all I needed to know.