Comments not showing in either page or lightbox for photos


I would like to report that comments are not showing inside lightbox of photos and the photo page, we can still see the comment count but when we clicked on the comments button, nothing happened.
I firebug and found this error:

TypeError: target.attr(…) is undefined
[Break On This Error]

var c_id = target.attr(‘href’).substr( 10, target.attr(‘href’).length );

Line 601 main.js

One more thing,
When we click on a thumbnail on activity, it takes 1-2seconds to open up the lightbox, as i firebug, i saw it does ajax first, obtained the photo, then just show the light box.
How can we do it the other way, open up the light box first, send ajax request, obtained results and show the photo.




This is the first time the first issue has been reported. The second one is a little tricky. In fact, both the ways are not how it should work. We are currently refactoring the plugin.

The dependency on activity comments (the actual problem with the comments) will be removed. The media will be served via a RESTful API. So, the lightbox can be implemented in a custom manner using any lightbox plugin you like!