Comments didn't import into WP from Blogger

I’m a graphic designer working in WordPress. I followed your tutorial for migrating a client’s Blogger posts into WordPress and it worked great. HOWEVER, none of the comments came over. I’m not sure why. Is there anything I can do about that or do we just have to let that go? Thanks.

I’m still struggling with this. When I initially used the Blogger Import in my WP Dashboard it didn’t bring in the comments. Then based on info I learned online, I used as an intermediary and was able to import everything and have all the posts and all the comments. At first I thought all was good. However, I just discovered that even though I have all the images from the first import, the second import now links all my images over to the version of the site. I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Things just keep getting worse. I can start over but I’m not sure what will work to get all 3 elements (posts, images AND comments) across with correct linking. This really shouldn’t be so hard for a tech savvy person like me. Not sure what the problem is.

Any insights greatly appreciated.


There may be some issues with WordPress default importing plugin, hence at first place you missed comments. Now you are facing issues with the images importing, so I can suggest you to use any of the image importing plugin if the posts content has images URL, then that will be fetched. or keep images on only and do not delete blogger blog.

Maybe your should add another plugie at wordpress . friend my name is jordan