Comments are not in sync

Comments are not in sync. Comments made for a photo in activity stream of buddypress does not appear under or with the photo in the photo page. Comments made in the photo page does not appear in the activity stream. This problem is not present in modemlooper’s buddypics or brajesh’s mediapress.

Can this be corrected any time soon? Thanks.

Hello @rosyteddy,

We have tested from our end and it looks like syncing fine. You can check the same on our demo site here ->

If you find the same issue on our demo site please let us know about it.


Hi @pranalipatel I apologize. You are absolutely right - the demo is working in sync indeed !

  • Scratching my head * What went wrong with my own test ?? I had WP Multisite 4.1.1, BP 2.2.1 and latest rtmedia with

    define(‘MULTISITE’, true); define(‘SUBDOMAIN_INSTALL’, false);

Need to start fresh again. Thanks a lot.

Hello @rosyteddy,

You are welcome. Are you still facing the issue or it has been solved?

If the issue still persists then you can once check it by activating WordPress default theme and also by disabling other plugins on your site to avoid any conflict.

Thank you.