Comment widget + Load speed

Hello, I have two problems:

  1. If I activate the rtmedia plugin (with and without the pro) and I leave comment on a picture, the url inside the wp comment widget for that comment is wrong.
  2. If I activate the rtmedia plugin (with and without the pro) everytime I click on a member tab it takes about 60secs to load the page, if I disable rtmedia it works again.
    Please note that I’m using Multisite + SSL certificate
    Thank you

Hi Daniele,

Can you check with WordPress default theme and with other plugins disabled?

About n.1 yes and I still get the problem.
I cant try n.2 because it isn’t a test site, I have users online and I prefer not to change theme, but I’ve just noticed that the users have this problem only using firefox and only with some ISP. I think its a cookie problem or a missing https link, because with rtmedia enabled firefox keep trying to load the page for about 60 secs before start to open it. Do you have any advice?
Thank you

Hi Daniele,

  1. Which widget you are talking about? Is it WordPress recent comment widget?

  2. Can you give me your site URL so that I can look for the issue myself?