Comment_media = false;

Hi rtmedia,

I am receiving this false error below the comment box on the lightbox? Any idea how to fix this issue?

comment_media = false;

Please advise help, thanks

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

We are not able to regenerate this issue yet.

Please, once check if there is any JavaScript conflict exists with the child theme you are using to debug the cause.

You can check with the parent theme to make sure if you face the same issue there.

Thanks, Pranali

Hi pranalipatel,

I tested the parent theme, ya, the lightbox is working, I think the commet false as well… Hmm.

ya, it need to debug the child.

Btw, I ask on the support, you guys do debug service? Please let me know the answer either Yes or No?

Thanks for pointing out for the debugging.

Hello @DamnDramaQueen,

We are flattered that you want to hire us. However, observing the website and your issues, we think that the debug process and fixes will include the third party theme development hence it’s out of our support scope Thus, we suggest you to once contact the Sweetdate team for better and quick solution.


Hi Pranalipatel,

I thought I try to give money out to your company. Sure, I will contact the theme people about it…

Thanks much for your great help,