Combining a lightbox gallery with community interaction

Hello, I have a tough nut to crack. I’m hoping to create a website that combines a number of different common features. The website would be primarily for posting videos and images, as well as some articles/posts. So it would be mostly a big gallery. Well, there are plenty of gallery themes and plugins. But I also want to have a community with an optional subscription membership. Users would be able to comment on videos and images right alongside them. Comments from subscribers would float to the top. Users would also be able to “thumbs up” content, and the gallery would need the option to sort by rating. Because I want the ability to post articles too, the theme would need to allow for posts. Finally, I’d also love a forum for members. Is all of this even possible without lots of custom coding? If I were to find three or four themes or plugins that I like, could they be combined relatively easily? I have one Wordpress website 1, so I’m familiar with Wordpress, and I used to be pretty good at HTML and CSS, but I know squat about PHP. I really appreciate any advice. Thank you.