Color Profiles

Your plugin kills color profiles when generating the different image sizes which makes them look like crap colorwise as there is no color management happening at that point. This really sucks, I’m guessing it’s all because of wordpress using the GL library. Imagmagic or whatever is an alternative to that which can retain color profiles but isn’t available on alot of shared servers like mine.

I’ve done a workaround for the original image size by using Ewww Image Optimizer and setting it one pixel below what the large image size on rtMedia would be. This works to keep all the camera settings and color profile on those images while still reducing the size. But… I can’t do that for the smaller images. I wish their was a way rtMedia could retain the color profiles in the images or find a way to work in harmony with a plugin like Ewww Image Optimizer so this can happen.


Hello @JLS,

We can suggest you some plugins which can help you to compress the size of media and improve performance.

We have checked rtMedia with EWWW Image Optimizer - and it works fine.

We can suggest you another one WP Smush - Note: WP Smush is limited to 1MB.

You can have a look and decide if any of them suits your need.


Think you misunderstood my question. I’m using ewww image optimizer already for image smushing. But my question is relating to the original uploaded images sRGB color profile not being included when these images that are being generated by your plugin:

rt_media_thumbnail, rt_media_activity_image, rt_media_single_image, rt_media_featured_image

So Safari etc don’t know how to display them. This makes the colors all out of whack. Doesn’t matter to most people but since my site is for photographers they typically care a lot.

Hello @JLS,

You are right, and we could see how the lack of color profiles could be an issue for a photography community.

We are looking into ways to increase color support in our future releases. I have created an issue on our public GitHub repo on your behalf-

I cannot provide you with a time frame for this feature though, as its implementation into rtMedia is subject to the completion of our current roadmap. Regardless, we will be sure to keep you updated.


Any update on this?