Code insert

Whether it is possible to make support of third-party video hostings for a code insert from them? Not always there is an opportunity to download video to a site. Thanks.


Embedding is currently not supported. However, we are working on it and soon external videos (like from YouTube, etc) and images would be supported.

As of now, only videos hosted on Kaltura are supported via a premium addon:


Looking forward to being able to embed YouTube videos. Will you also be supporting videos from sites such as Vimeo?

Since oEmbed is WordPress’s area of working, all the providers listed here could be used for embedding:

So, Vimeo will be there. However, we still need to check if we can support all of them out of the box.

WordPress/BuddyPress already supports oEmbed (embedding videos from popular sites like YouTube, Vimeo).

I posted a detailed update here -

Please check that. I am marking this as "rejected" as this doesn't fit in our roadmap as explained in other post