Cloudflare work with let's encrypt renewal?

So easyengine has the ability to create site with SSL with Let’s Encrypt but you’d have to temporarily disable cloudflare. Easyengine creates a cron to auto renew the ssl but I was wondering does it really work if the site has cloudflare enabled? cause you have to disable when creating ssl but what about renewing the ssl?

If you are using Cloudflare cache the renewal of your LE certificate will fail. Just like when you are first installing it.

With Cloudflare you can use their origin certificates instead of letsencrypt. It’s pretty easy to install it, and valide up to 15 years :

Works fine without disabeling cloudflare for me

Cloudflare conf: SSL: Full (strict) ! <---- that’s the key maybe? A: @ to IP CNAME: www to

DigitalOcean 512mb VPS. Full install steps: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade wget -qO ee && sudo bash ee ee site create --wpfc --letsencrypt --php7

and voila - works fine.

Only problem is, that :22222 does not work :frowning:

PS. Should I also be worried about my site not working in 3 months?