Clicking Purge Cache not working - Only deleting the cache in phpRedisAdmin

I feel like I am not alone here, but there just doesn’t seem to be a fix anywhere.
Clicking “Purge Cache” and “Purge Entire Cache” does nothing. The logs show:

2019-08-02 13:10:23  | INFO | * * * * *
2019-08-02 13:10:23  | INFO | * Purged! * 
2019-08-02 13:10:23  | INFO | No Cache found.
2019-08-02 13:10:23  | INFO | * * * * *

The only way to purge the cache properly is to log into /ee-admin/pra/ and delete the keys manually.
One other problem is the long TTL of 4 hours, I wish there was a simple setting to change it.

It is often recommended to set the RT_WP_NGINX_HELPER_CACHE_PATH but how do I know what it really is?

I’d really love to solve this issue :slight_smile:

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I also facing the same problem. Cache is not purging after clicking Purge entire cache or posting a new post.

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