Chrome Problem


First of all, I'd like to thank you for making this wonderful plugin and I'll most likely be purchasing your addon within the next couple weeks.

I'm having one small issue though. when playing a video that you a user uploads, it doesn't allow you to change the play position with the mouse in Chrome. Also, if you pause the video while it's buffering, it will actually pause the buffering too. Even if you allow the video to play (and buffer) all the way through, you cannot start at the beginning again unless you refresh the screen.

This is really strange because the videos work in Firefox perfectly. You can start the play position from wherever you want and it buffers when paused. I've confirmed this bug on 2 separate computers with both Chrome and Firefox installed.

Is there a workaround for this? Thanks again for the's really great.

Can you please specify which version of Chrome you are using and in which Operating System?

Yes, of course. Sorry, I forgot to include that…

Confirmed with:
Chrome Version 21.0.1180.79 on OSX Lion
Chrome Version 22.0.1229.94 on OSX Snow Leopard

Thanks for providing the info, we’ll try to fix this as soon as we possible.


Can you please provide a video link on your BuddyPress?

I tested using Chrome 22.0.1229.94 on Mountain Lion and everything is working fine. You can check videos here -

Thanks for the replies.

Huh…that is the strangest thing. Your videos indeed work fine on chrome, but the test video I uploaded does not. My video in question is a h.264 MP4 (16mb). Here’s the test link

Works fine in Firefox, but not in Chrome…weird. I also uploaded it twice just to make sure there wasn’t an error.

Please let me know what you find…

I’ve checked the video, but the problem with that is, its having very high bitrate, every video with high bitrate(higher than the internet connection itself) will be giving such problem. The same video if uploaded on a LAN connected server is working fine in chrome.
Well if you want the video to be flawlessly playable on the internet as well, please choose a bit lower quality on the recording device or encode it with lower bitrate after recording or you can simply increase the internet connection speed. Any of these things will solve the problem.

Thanks for the response. Unfortunately that’s doesn’t fix the problem though.

The last video was about 2000kbps which is low end HD, so I understand your point. But it was actually uploaded on a LAN server and works perfectly in Firefox. And I’m on a fast cable connection here where I’m testing. Also, if it was truly the internet connection speed, then it would still buffer slowly when paused which it doesn’t at all. A matter of fact, the 2000kbps video actually plays fine (without even a skip) in chrome if I let it play through. My problem is that you can’t move the playhead forward or back. It’s totally disabled. Also, when I pause it, the buffering stops which isn’t normal behavior. As soon as I un-pause it, the buffering moves and it plays…very odd.

Also, I just uploaded a video at 1000kbps to test again. I get the same result, so there’s something else going on here. I have 1000kbps videos all over my site without a hiccup in this exact same format. Here it is

And please take note that the video plays perfectly fine so internet speed cannot be a factor here. You simply cannot skip to another part of the video and it ceases to buffer when paused.

Please let me know what you find. Thanks!

There seems to be something else going on on your site,
I’ve uploaded the video on one of our test servers and its working fine with internet speed > 2mbps.

Its the same video. Will try to debug whats wrong on your site soon.

Thanks, I appreciate you looking into the issue. I would have a better chance of figuring it out if the problem happened in both Chrome and Firefox. I’m at a loss…

Thanks again.

Also, the videos work in Opera, but not in Safari. In Safari, I can’t even get the videos to load at all. I will gladly buy the addon version of your plugin if I can get it to work with my site. It really seems like exactly what I need, but I guess it may not be compatible? I checked the js with chrome and firebug, but it doesn’t seem to have any errors. Again, Please let me know what you find.

Also, the HTML5 fallback doesn’t work on my site either (tested with iphone 4 with mobile safari and mobile chrome), but it works on your test server. Very strange indeed!

Hi @Gagan & @Rahul-Bansal,

Do you have a separate forum for support for your paid products, like the FFmpeg addon? I’m more than willing to buy the plugin right now if you guys can help make it work with my site within the next few days. I have no problem supporting this wonderful plugin…basically I’m ready to launch the social section of my site and this clash is my only hold up.

Allowing users to upload media is the key to my site and your plugin is exactly what I need. So please tell me what I need to do to get this working in the very near future. I’ll buy the addon today if it helps…

Thanks so much!

We are checking for the cause, but there does not seem to be any mistake in the HTML, JS or CSS on your site, so it should be working fine, but since its not, there must be something else wrong with it. Will keep you updated about the status.

About the FFMPEG addon, please make sure your server can run Media Node Server before buying as that addon uses Media Node Server to encode videos.

The error is with your server settings. Your server is not sending the “Accept-Ranges: bytes” header for the video files. Even iOS devices does not support video files whose “Accept-Ranges” header is not set to bytes as can be seen in the documentation

To test whether the server is sending those headers or not we can check by using curl command like this:

curl -I  
curl -I  


Looks like you are on Apache. Try this tutorial -

It that doesn’t fix your problem, please let us know.

Thanks for the replies. I did some digging and my hosting plan will currently not allow me to do this. I’m hosting all of my paid streaming content on S3 and streaming it via Cloudfront. Is there any way to have a user’s upload go straight to an S3 bucket? Or will this feature be added in the future?

I guess I’ll have to weigh my options here. Thanks so much for your help. You’ve got me thinking for sure…

I just found something interesting. Would this work?

Or this one.

You can use W3 Total Cache. Just tested it and it worked nicely with BuddyPress Media plugin without any extra configuration. :slight_smile:

I documented my config here -