Child Theme

I want to modify rtmedia file main.php and add it to my custom theme as a child theme for rtmedia. Not sure where in my theme to put this file.

Another question: It seems that the only time this file is used is as media for a single group. That is, when I am at media for a member the regular buddypress files are used.

have tried:

mytheme/buddypress-media.php mytheme/media.php mytheme/buddypress-media/main.php mytheme/media/main.php mytheme/buddypress/media/main.php

Is there a guide to templating ?


You can check this rtMedia templates document

Thank you. Perfect. I do not know why I did not find that earlier. Nor do I know why intuition did not give me the folder name. Sometimes I think I wake up an hour before my brain does.