Checkout translation

Hello 2 all, guys. There is no Russian translation in WooCommerce Checkout with rtPanel theme: . I could help you to translate checkout forms into Russian. Please contact me wia e-mail if you are interested.

Hello SerW,

Glad to know that you are contributing in rtPanel.

We have added translation set for Russian language (
To add Russian language, you will need to login with your rtCamp credentials.


Hello Manish. I contributed a lot but there are no

Country *
First Name *
Last Name *
Company Name
Address *
Town / City *
State / County *
Email Address *
Phone *
fields on :frowning:

Hello SerW,

These form fields label are not coming from rtPanel as they are part of plugin, You would have to add these tranlation in woocommrce plugin itself.

Please refer this article which will help you to translate woocommerce strings (


Umesh, thanks for your reply. On russian forum I learned that could help me. And it helped indeed: .

Hello SerW,

Thank you for your solution. It will also help others.