Changing the width


first let me say that you’ve made a great job!
I would like to change the width of the rtPanel Template ( content and sidebar area )…how can i do that?


Hello Sehzeichner,

Are you editing rtPanel directly or using rtPanel Child Theme for your theme?


Hi Manish, i am editing rtPanel directly...



In style.css file, search the following code,


In the above code you will need to change "max-width:75rem;" with your required width.

Just for the information,

We used 75rem (1200px) max-width in rtPanel. And following is the formula to use rem,

rem = required width in px / body font size in px


Thx a lot for your fast works for me!

Regards sehzeichner


Glad to know that its work for you :-)


Ups....just a short Question in that case :

How can i adjust the content and the sidebar?

My first Intention was to make the content wider...


We used grid system in rtPanel, so you will just need to change the grid classes for content and sidebar. Current grid class for content and sidebar are large-8 and large-4.

Using following filter you can change this classes, add this code in your functions.php file, add_filter( 'rtp_set_content_grid_class', create_function( '', 'return "large-9 columns";' ) ); add_filter( 'rtp_set_sidebar_grid_class', create_function( '', 'return "large-3 columns";' ) );

Just for the information, you can check this tutorial for setup rtPanel for development.