Changing site URL


I need to change the URL of one of my sites. For example, I want to change the site from to

I’ve tried changing the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) in wp-admin but that didn’t work.


ee site edit

Look for the server_name line, and add your new domain name before the ;.

After you save the file Nginx will reload automatically and the site will respond to both domains.

(You must know how to use vim to use the command above.)


Thanks janiosarmento


hopping into conversation… i want to change my domain to different domain. they will be hosted in the same vps. but after moving i will delete the old site. is this still valid?


What do you mean by “delete the old site”?


let’s say i have a site in the vps. i have a new url. ( i want to migrate of to without destroying the nginx config. after migrate i will delete So I wondered if i could do it this way that you mentioned here ( i checked of EE migration doc. but it is not clear enough. )


If you wish to delete the old site from EE, you should find another way to do it.


i guess. thanks for replying.


Create a new site in EE, then on old site, use a migration plugin tool like Duplicator to transfer files and database to the new site.


thanks for commenting.

i was trying to avoid that. : ) i try to avoid, well duplicator is good but cucumbersome-ish. since both of them was in the same vps, downloading and uploading part seemed redundant as well.


thank you now i can change the domain but how about if i want redirect like to it is possible?