Changing privacy Status for already uploaded images

Ok, still bug here... When I try to change the privacy setting of a already uploaded image or album, I get this error: Fatal error: Cannot access protected property BPMediaHostWordpress::$id in /www/htdocs/XXXX/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-media/app/main/privacy/BPMediaPrivacy.php on line 179

Default settings can be changed without problem.

Oh man... upload doesn't really work... new images are not shown. Only as default image in the album overview, but not under all photos and not in the albums... tried with different privacy settings...

Got the Database-Update invitation again and now the images are shown... can't be, that i need to update the database for every image upload. :(

one more: The Upload doesn't care for my privacy settings. Uploads everthing as public.


Could you confirm if this happens with the latest 2.6.6?


Upload and change of privacy works now. No further database updates required. What still doesn't work, are the default settings in my profile. Also the PlugIn Settings for Pirvacy are not recognized when uploading. All images are set to public.


We are adding a few more things and reviewing the privacy code. We'll release an update soon.


Ok, just let me know when you need access to my wp installation again.