Changing Media Tab to use another Theme Template File?


First of all, I want to say thanks for making such a fantastic buddypress extension. I just had one question. When editing profiles, it seems the Media tab is using a different template than normal. How do I control this? I've been digging through code for hours and can't seem to find the right hook or code that handles this. Screenshots attached below so you can see the difference, and in the top right it shows what file is being used. Thanks again!

Normal profile: Normal Profile

Media Tab: Media Profile


Hi, for my own, it used the default page.php template. It seems you have the same problem as i had. To fix templating issues, I used to use some conditionnal tags in my page.php file. Hope this help.


I am confused though, all of the other tabs are using the members/single/home.php file (I do not want to use page.php). This plugin is the only one not wanting to use this template. Thank you for the advice.


What conditional code did you use to change the template?


Hi, I use the folowwing conditional tags : is_page() or is_rtmedia_gallery() Here is the list of conditional rtmedia tags :