Changing "Media" Navigation title


When in a Buddypress profile, this plugin adds the navigation menu name "Media". I was hoping I could change that to "Artwork". How can this be done?


Any ideas?



In your wp-config.php, you can add: define('BP_MEDIA_SLUG', 'artwork');



I added the code you mentioned, and it changed the URL of that page to "artwork", but I am looking for the text in the navigation bar to change from "Media" to "Artwork"

Is that possible?


It should be:

define('BP_MEDIA_LABEL', 'artwork');  


@ecomqueen Thanks. We had been a little busy with the development to sort this earlier!



I tried adding define('BP_MEDIA_SLUG', 'artwork'); to bp-custom.php which I thought would change the 'media' slug to 'artwork'.

This doesn't seem to work. Any ideas how to change the 'media' slug in the URL?


My apologies, I should have added to wp-config.php and not bp-custom.php

It works perfectly.


Hi all,

I tried this, and it doesn't work for me, however, when I hardcode it, it works. Any suggestions please???



It doesn't work in bp-custom.php but it does work for me in wp-config.php

Try that to see if it works for you


I did try it in wp-config.php It still didn't change.



define('BP_MEDIA_SLUG', 'multimedia'); define('BP_MEDIA_VIDEOS_SLUG', 'visual'); define('BP_MEDIA_IMAGES_SLUG', 'images'); define('BP_MEDIA_AUDIO_SLUG', 'sounds'); define('BP_MEDIA_ALBUMS_SLUG', 'albums');



The code you provided didn't work either :( I guess I'll just have to hard code it :'(


@ecomqueen These are just constants and the way they are programmed, the code that @henrywright provides will work. If it isn't, could you check if something is caching your site?


@saurabhshukla how do I do the cleaning of the cache? I have cleaned my web browser cache and still it doesn't show. And now, when I hardcode it, the entire Media tab disappears!! So frustrating!



It's kind of impossible for that to not work. No idea why the solution provided by Henry doesn't work. That's exactly where we pick up strings from. Clearing the cache on the server depends on how it is setup. You'd have to speak to the hosting provider/manager for that.