Changing blogger template with code from plugin has no effect on blogger site

Hi all

I have a blogger based blog that was accessed via a propper purchased domain name that was pointing to it (along with the traditional style access.

I now have a standalone wordpress blog and the propper domain name is now pointing at it and that works fine.

The issue is that the address now reports this “You’re about to be redirected” message page.

I replaced my template code with the code that the wordpress plugins suggests but no change is visible and this warning page still occurs. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for any help

Please check this forum post, it will helpful for you.

Hi Nitun… thanks for your response. That post talks about a “switch to” option but I dont see that.

To confirm; im trying to not use blogspot.

I think you have imported the blogger content using the custom domain , hence the plugin give a script code which have custom domain name.
So if this is a condition, then try to change the blogspot URL in blogger with custom domain and check if it works for you.